Smart Tips For Arranging The Space For Your Car

Beyond a simple carport, the garage is often used to pile up tools, sporting goods and other homemade DIY. For lack of space or time, we tend to accumulate rather than put away everything that is there …
There are, however, some very simple tips for arranging your garage well and intelligently combining car, garden equipment, tools, firewood or even a workshop. Demonstration in pictures!

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Organize Your House

First of all, ask yourself what you want to do with you garage. Then take the measurements and plan on paper. Visualize the place of the car, that of storage for tools or sports equipment. Use the ceiling to store little used equipment high up. Provide shelves for the walls, a place for a water point or even bicycle racks.

Store and de-clutter Your Garage

Don’t hesitate to throw out the bulky items and take advantage of a sunny day to do a good cleaning and take your things outside. Start categorizing each object by type and explore the possibilities. You will thus judge the ideal location for everything. It is also a way to estimate the garage for your vehicle, the size of the bikes and the best location for tools or wood. The idea is to declutter the floor and invest in wall and ceiling storage.

Garage Building

Refresh and highlight The Space

Clean and give at least a good stroke of paint to refresh the place and give it a pleasant appearance. On the floor side, repair, prepare and paint with a specific stain or choose to install tiles. Your welcoming garage will make you want to tinker all the more!

Use the space For Your Garage

The objective is to occupy the space well, to create distinct areas so that everything is in its place. An area intended for sport, another for tools or even for the car. In order to optimize your room, the solution is to use the walls, floor and ceiling. The garages are often of a good height, do not hesitate to use them. Adapt your furniture, wall storage and workshop to the surface, so each function will be well defined.

Arrange The Cars

A space of about 27 to 32 inches is recommended to leave a clearance around the vehicle. Using the ceiling for suitcases or even tires is a good solution. Opt for closed cabinets and depending on the objects to be placed, choose wall storage with hooks, a rack system or even cleats. You can also reuse old kitchen furniture and put shelves or metal bars to hang things up. In short, there is no shortage of ideas!

With little investment, but a lot of tips, you can make your garage very functional!