Our Advice For Painting a Room

Golden rule that should not be overlooked. If you intend to paint only the walls, cover any remaining surfaces and better yet, move your furniture to another room so that it doesn’t get damaged . If you don’t have vacant pieces of furniture, group them in the middle of the room and cover them to protect them.

This also goes for rugs, curtains and even your door if it is easily removable. As for you, wear used clothes, you can immediately throw it away after painting your interior.

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During the first two weeks of October 2020 compared to the same time last year, with a total of 3,460 sales. Sales in the first half of October were also up 13 per cent compared to the average sales amounts for the last 10 years. “With October mid-month sales...

Proceed to clean the surface to be painted

Painting doesn’t mean missing out on the grime and dirt on the walls! If necessary, clean with soap and water and make sure that it is dry enough afterward to go to the next step.

If you notice any cracks in the sides of your walls, re-cement that part and wait until it is dry as well. As for the fraying paint marks, run sandpaper over them to make them very smooth.

Painted Garage Building

Buy enough paint

When you go to the vendor, don’t go grab a big bucket of paint right away. You will probably have no idea how much is needed. Tell the seller what area to paint in your home and the seller will advise how much is needed.

To avoid the lack, the quantity of the purchased paint will have to be a little more consequent compared to what was envisaged

Know the difference between paints

There are two kinds of painting in this world: water painting and oil painting. So before playing the brave masons to perfect your interior, make the difference between the two because it is essential! You should also know that the smell of oil paint is quite strong.

Ask an expert for the paint you need. Because usually oil paint is used for garage exterior and rooms exposed to humidity. This does not exclude its use in other rooms of the house.

This done, you can get ready to paint your interior. And last very important detail: take a look at the weather outside. If it’s too hot, too cold, or it’s really raining a lot, it could have bad effects on your paint as it dries . So before going on the attack, check your weather forecast anyway.

Arrange The Color Choices

These colors make a perfect marriage with the idea that a bathroom is a place where we clean ourselves and where we use a lot of water. Besides, this color is also very relaxing. If recently we are talking about a label a little fairy tale pink, this color has been on the track for some time in the bathroom.

We then opt for more or less intense shades. In a contemporary style, we ingeniously revisit this color. As for the kitchen, we especially prefer colors that remain soft but attracting a little attention. However, the room must emit enough heat because we spend a good part of our time there.