You’ve probably read a lot of articles that advise you to do things like buy decorative items that double as organizational items or to buy wall shelving for your garage. There are certain households out there, though, that need a lot more storage than a set of shelves can provide. These people need storage solutions on a much larger scale. Maybe one of your kids moved back home and you now have to turn your storage room into a bedroom or maybe you are downsizing and your constructing a new house simply doesn’t provide enough space for all of your things. Perhaps the stuff that you have cannot be thrown away or donated, so you have to simply create space to store all of your extra stuff. There are a variety of ways to do this, and you will learn about all of them here.

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1- Build an Extension to Your Home

One of the more extreme – but certainly effective – methods of creating more storage space is to simply knock down one of your walls and build another room onto the side of your house. This can definitely be expensive, but it will solve your problem as soon as the room is completed. One of the best things about this option is that you can even use the extension as an office or additional bedroom and simply store your things in the room that the office or bedroom used to occupy.

2- Construct a Steel Building

If you don’t have the room or the money to add an extension to your home, you could always build an extra room that is separated from your house. Building a steel building in your backyard is the most effective way to do this. The steel will keep your things safe from the elements and intrusion, and it will also be fairly inexpensive to install. You may want to contact a local contractor to help you with this.

Painted Garage Building

3 – Turn Your Garage into a Storage Room

If you’re fine with parking your cars in the driveway, you could always use your garage to store all of the items that won’t fit in the house. Garages are tall and wide, giving you plenty of room to stack boxes from wall to wall. This is the preferred option if your storage issue is only temporary.

4 – Rent a Storage Shed

Another good short-term answer to your storage problem would be to rent a storage shed and move all of your items into it until you have the room to bring them back into the home. You can usually get a good deal on the first few months of rent if you find the right storage company, so shop around to find the best deal before committing to anything.

And there you have it, four storage solutions for people with big storage problems. If a shelving system simply isn’t enough, you can use these ideas to solve your storage problems once and for all, ensuring that your home isn’t cluttered or uncomfortable.